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Date: 20th January 2016
Crane Accessories Lifting Magnets

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lifting magnets
electric lifting magnet Mainly features are as following:
1.MW5 series electromagnet lifer use special magnetic path design,gap flux density is  high.Non magnetic coil back plate is made of high manganese steel plate with good  resistance and abrasive resistance,it is welded with the body case, it does not use bolts to  connect ,so it is very firm and strong.
2.The coil use double glass silk to pack the aluminum wire, thermostability and good  insulativity.
3.Insulation system is reasonable. Insulating treatments: vacuumize,Vacuum encapsulating compound.This kind of treatment can increase the electric property and mechanical properties.Insulating material resistance to heat class is up to C.
4.On-load factor is 50% usually.On-load factor 75% magnet is called high frequency magnet,High frequency magnet operating frequency is very high,and work efficiency is high.
5.MW5 series magent advantage are : light weight,high magnetic force,better moisture resistance,long working life,simple structure,and is very safe.