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Date: 20th January 2016
Industrial Hoist

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industrial hoist
Product Description
We have introduced the design concept of world's top construction elevator. Our construction hoist features world-class properties in various aspects, like structure design, working mechanism, control system, as well as safety and reliability.
Features OF industrial hoist
1. Due to the strict raw material procurement control system, our industrial hoist is guaranteed with safe and reliable performance.
2. The steel, electrical components, hoist cables, high strength bolts and spare parts are all introduced from well-known international and domestic suppliers.
3. The CNC cutting blanking production line ensures the accurate size of the accessories.
4. Structural parts are welded with argon gas shield so as to keep welding quality and prolong the lifespan of the passenger hoist.
5. The cold-formed steel is adopted to ensure the quality and stiffness of the steel plate. The strengthened steel structure design successfully reduces the risk of structural deformation.
6. The surface of the industrial hoist is treated with polyurethane paint and anti-salt-spray paint. The main parts and accessories are hot-dip galvanized and sprayed with plastics. Hence, the anticorrosion ability of the construction lifting equipment is improved so that its service life is effectively extended.
7. The rigorous and dependable detection means effectively ensure the comprehensive performance of the equipment.
We have gained many patents on the design of industrial hoist and we have optimized several critical components related to safety, like transmission mechanism, safety hook, installation platform for anti-fall device, back gear, idler gear (anti-shearing), and counterpoise slide rail of the mast section. In this way, not only the high safety requirement for lifting people in ultra-high-rise construction is met but also the stability and riding comfort are improved.
In addition, there are some other safety devices for selection, such as micro-controlled automatic deceleration device for docking, wireless floor paging device, overload alarm, etc.