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Date: 20th January 2016
Scissor Platform

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scissor platform
1.Self moving, do not need outriggers.
2.The work can control the scissor lift on the platform when raised.
3.It is suitable used  for aerial installation & maintenance of the working sites without power supply and with smooth working grounds, such as hotels, grand hall, sport stadium, large factory, workshops warehouse.
1.Quiet and convenient devices
The scissor lift takes storage battery as the power source, and makes low noise and no emission when working, so it can be used indoor occasions, such as workshops, warehouse, hotels, etc.
2.Production sharing
The base structure of each model has standard size, same as the scissor structure and other parts, so these parts are made separately, on one hand, it improves our production capacity a lot, but the most important is we can assure
the high quality of each part.
3.Scissor structure
The scissor structure are made by advanced CNC machine, which make every lift parts extremely precise and can cut max 20 mm thickness steel structure and error will be less than three-thousandths of a millimetre.